Bear washi tape sampler – Free printable

I think that there’s no such thing as “having too much washi tape”. If you agree with me then you should like today’s free printable. Here’s a cute set of printable bear washi tape samplers. The samplers take the form of adorable little polar bears, because why not, and “winter is coming”!

free printable bear washi tape sampler

If you like exchanging happy mails these bears will be perfect to share cute washi tapes samples with your penpal. You can also use them to carry pieces of your favorite washi tapes with you at all times, and with style.

In France we say “Tout ce qui est petit est mignon” (=everything that’s small is cute), therefore I’ve added 2 different sizes in the file, so in the end you get 6 big ones (fit 3/4 washi samples) and 6 small ones (fit one washi sample) on one sheet.
Which, in planner maths, means you can make 12 people happy with these washi samplers!


I created these while I was preparing my first happy mail (more on that in a future post ;)) and even though the idea and the creation are very simple, I really like the result of it.

Little details matter to me, and I’d rather use an original cute looking washi sampler than a simple tag to share my washi. If you do too, download this file at then end of the article and leave a comment too while you’re at it, i love that.

I’m planning on creating more for myself so let me know if you like these and I’ll share the future ones with you as well!

Supplies and instructions:

This “DIY” is pretty self explanatory but basically, you’ll need:

  • thick paper like cardstock paper, or else your samplers will probably get flimsy
  • washi tape sampler – printable file (download below)
  • a printer (if you’re curious I have a Canon Pixma 5550, it’s a pretty simple one, but I can’t find it anywhere on any US website, so here’s the top rated printers on Amazon under 100$)
  • scissors (or cutting machine) – the shapes are really simple so using scissors is probably just as quick!
  • washi tapes you’re willing to share (tough one) 🙂
  • Optional : a laminator (if you want to keep them clean longer, this will also make them a little stronger)

Just reading the supplies list should make you guess what you have to do now:

  1. Download the PDF file,
  2. Print it on cardstock paper
  3. Cut each sampler with your scissors
  4. Laminate them if you want to
  5. Enjoy and start sharing cute bear washi samplers!

If you prefer to use your Silhouette machine, the steps are just slightly different :

  1. Download the pdf file
  2. Open the pdf in Silhouette software directly if you have the Designer Edition. If you have the basic software, fear not and turn the PDF into a jpeg first, using this website)
  3. Trace the design
  4. Use the Print and cut function through your Silhouette software
  5. Laminate them if you want to
  6. Enjoy and start sharing cute bear washi samplers!

free printable washi tape sampler

This Bear washi sampler printable includes:

1 PDF file with:

  • 6 big bears – washi sampler (fit 3/4 samples)
  • 6 small bears – washi sampler (fit 1 sample)

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Download Bear Washi tape samplers :

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If you use these free washi tape samplers, I’d be happy to see what you do with it! Feel free to comment down bellow, tag me/follow me on instagram (@lovelyplannerblog) or use the hashtag #lovelyplanner 🙂

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    • Maddie says:

      Hi! I didn’t laminate the first set I printed (and it looks good for now) but it’s true that it would keep them clean and cute way longer. You could also reuse them for a longer time. So thank you for your comment, I’m going to add this advice in the article 🙂

  1. Alisha says:

    How adorable! I can’t wait to print these for my preschool Sunday school class. I think they will make really sweet bookmarks. And I love the laminating idea! It will keep their cute bears a lot cleaner! Thanks!

  2. angel koch says:

    These are so adorable, thank you for sharing! I am very interested in “collecting” all your future washi sampler designs. I think I will laminate mine and punch a hole in the top. That way when my planner pal starts getting quite the collection, she can loop them onto some ribbon or on a ring and keep them all together. I will save the mini ones for my girls to keep and share. Thanks again!

    • Maddie says:

      I’m sorry you’re having problem. You can also access all the free printables by subscribing to my newsletter, which should make it a lot easier. You’ll receive a password after subscribing. I hope this helps 🙂

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