Cute animals washi samplers – Free printable {Advent calendar – Day 6}


24 days of FREE printables – DAY 6

Welcome back for day 6 of the Lovely Advent Calendar! Christmas season is such a fun and magical time. I thought that you wouldn’t mind having an extra, digital advent calendar to discover a new, surprising little gift every day. So here I am!

Everyday until Christmas Eve, I’ll share with you a free printable on this blog.


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Here’s today free printable!

December 6: Cute animals washi tape samplers (10 samplers included)

Here’s cute polar animal washi samplers to share washi samples with your penpals and planner buddies or to carry your favorite washi samples with you at all times in your planner. Plus, their cute little faces will be decorative as well in your cover cards slots.


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All you have to do is print this PDF, cut the animals, laminate if you want to make them more sturdy and add washi samples on it.

As you can see, this free printable matches yesterday printable planner stickers: Cute animal stickers for your planner.
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With this printable, all on one page, you’ll get 6 big samplers (fits 3 or 4 washi samples) and 4 smaller ones (fit 1 washi sample) featuring 4 winter animals (whale, penguin, polar bear and seal).

Download this cute animals washi tape samplers – free printable

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