75% SAVINGS on this Bundle of 5 Hand Lettering Workbooks

with 190 practice worksheets for Print or Ipad Pro

Created specifically for beginners, this bundle of 5 workbooks includes more than 190 practice worksheets that will help you quickly improve your hand lettering skills in a fun and easy way.

(VALUE: $81)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decorate your planners, bullet journals and other art projects with beautiful lettering?

Each workbook is packed with 20 Themed worksheets (see full list below) with traceable words + 19 Alphabet practice sheets (upper and lower case), this bundle is specially made for beginners, planners, bullet journals & crafts enthusiasts.

To help you get fast motivating results, my themed worksheets with traceable words and sayings will gradually teach you how letters flow together, and effortlessly help you master words that you’ll be able to use to decorate your planners, notebooks, bullet journals, postcards, cards, scrapbooking pages, craft projects, etc.

This is why I believe this big bundle is a great choice for beginners and people who want to see quick results while keeping it fun!

Don’t be intimidated. You’ll be surprised to see how easy and relaxing lettering can be!

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Hand Lettering Workbooks
Practice Worksheets
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You get the best of both worlds:

  • Alphabet sheets help you learn and understand how to form each letter through repetition.
  • Traceable words and sayings themed sheets help you understand how letters flow together and encourage you to quickly recreate those words in your everyday life (planner, bullet journal, cards, etc.) 

This bundle includes 5 different lettering styles that complement each other nicely. Mix and match them to create beautiful hand lettered creations.


You’re free to decide your favorite way to practice hand lettering. You’ll be able to download these workbooks immediately after your purchase, in 2 formats: 

  • PDF workbooks that you can print as many times as you’d like
  • Individual JPEG files for each worksheet that you can upload in the Procreate App on your iPad Pro.

As a thank you for joining my email list, you can get this bundle for only 20$ (regularly a combined price of 81$), that’s a 75% discount! That means that you can get 5 workbooks for slightly more than the price of 1.

Take a look at what is included in each workbook:

19 alphabet worksheets:
  • Lowercase and uppercase with practice space (13 pages)
  • Lowercase overview (3 pages)
  • Uppercase overview (3 pages)

Note: The SANS SERIF workbook is Uppercase only, so it contains only 9 alphabet worksheets. The 4 other workbooks include 19 alphabet sheets each.

Also included:
  • Blank worksheet for practice
  • 2 progress worksheets
  • Tips and instructions to use these workbooks
20 themed worksheets:
  • Greeting Card Sayings (2 pages)
  • Holidays and Events (2 pages)
  • Days of the week (2 pages)
  • Months of the year (2 pages)
  • Seasons sayings (1 page)
  • Planner and Bullet Journal Words (1 page)
  • Motivational Sayings (1 page)
  • Boss Lady Sayings (1 page)
  • Planner Girl Sayings (1 page)
  • Travel Words & Sayings (2 pages)
  • Basic French Vocabulary (4 pages: days, planner words, greetings, sentiments/wishes)
  • Numbers (1 page)

What can this bundle do for you?

Even though I’ve included alphabet practice worksheets in each workbook (19 worksheet pages), I made it a point to include a lot of worksheets (20 different worksheets) featuring traceable words & sayings you’re likely to use in your everyday lettering.

While practicing each letter on its own (alphabet worksheets) is a useful and necessary step in the process, for some people, it isn’t the most fun thing to do. Practicing letters on their own doesn’t guarantee that you’ll do a great job at forming nicely written words with these letters.

This is why I believe that this big bundle, including themed worksheets and alphabet practice sheets in 5 different lettering styles, is a great choice for beginners and people who want to see quick results while keeping it fun!


►Brush Lettering Workbook: Brush Pens such as Tombow Dual Brush Pen (brush tip), Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen, or even Crayola Markers or Crayola Super Tips.
►Thin Brush Lettering Workbook: Thin Brush Pens or hard felt tips pens
Brush Script Lettering Workbook: Thin Brush Pens (such as Tombow Funodesuke)

►Modern Script and Sans Serif Lettering Workbook: Fine tips pens, hard felt tips pens…


Each workbook can be printed on A4/US Letter size paper or on A5/Half US Letter size (perfect to add them as inserts in your A5 Planners – see result in one of the picture). 
If your printer offers the “Booklet” settings, you can also print them as booklets.


You can also use these worksheets with the Procreate App and Apple Pencil if you own an Ipad Pro or an Ipad compatible with the Apple Pencil. JPEG files are included in a ZIP folder. You can import each worksheet in Procreate App, to do so, simply add a layer and trace over.

You’ll be able to instantly download your workbooks in a zip file containing:
►PDF workbooks – For Printing
►Zip folder with JPEG files – only use if you want to use the worksheets in Procreate App.