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85+ pages of printable planner inserts in 3 sizes: US letter, Classic Happy Planner and A5.

Easily organize your life with this pack of 85+ Printable Planner Inserts

3 sizes are included to make these inserts easy to print and to combine with most planners: 

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“Love this bundle. There is a page for just about anything you’d need, and some pages in more than one format so you can choose which works for you. Multiple sizes included. So many options!” – review from KClayton

“It’s got everything

I’m so happy with this bundle of joy. Literally everything you might need is in it and you can print as many of each you like.” – review from Mariann

Ultimate Planner Bundle

Absolutely love it!! There is something for just about everything you will need! – review from Nicole K.

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Store bought planners are usually pretty general and basic. Most often, store bought planners only include monthly spreads and weekly spreads. That may not be enough to fit all your needs and optimize your organization.

Creating your own inserts is a great way to customize your planner to make it more flexible and work for your needs (home management, health, budget, hobbies…).

If you want to save time and trouble, simply get these pack of 78 planner inserts, print the ones you need and have fun customizing your planner.

This pack of planner inserts is great if you’re looking for a way to customize your planner to your needs. Due to the variety of inserts included, these inserts will be useful whether you’re new to planning or not. You can either create a planner from scratch using the inserts included in this pack, or you can add them to another planner system (such as Happy Planner, Filofax,…).

Note: I included 2 pages with printing tips in the bundle.

You can print these inserts at home or in store. Here are a few tips if you’re printing at home.

  • I recommend printing on 28lb or 32lb paper.
  • If you’re printing on anything else than US letter, I recommend cutting your paper to size before printing the PDF. 
  • Select the correct paper size in your printing settings before printing and leave the scale 100% – actual size.
  • If you’re printer allows duplex printing, make sure to select that option to have double sided pages. If your printer doesn’t allow duplex printing (it’s often the case when you print on custom size paper), you can achieve double sided printed pages by printing all the odd number pages first, then flip your pages and print all the even number pages. The more comfortable with your printer you are, the easier this step will be.

I recommend printing these inserts on 28lb paper or 32lb paper.

Absolutely! Here’s the complete list of all the inserts included, divided per pack:


  1. Weekly Schedule – Monday start
  2. Weekly Schedule – Sunday start
  3. Cleaning Schedule – Monday start
  4. Cleaning Schedule – Sunday start
  5. « When did I last …»
  6. Important contacts
  7. To Do List (layout 1)
  8. To Do List (layout 2)
  9. Grocery List (layout 1)
  10. Grocery List (layout 2)
  11. Meal Planner – Monday start
  12. Meal Planner – Sunday start
  13. Weekly Menu – Monday start
  14. Weekly Menu – Sunday start
  15. Birthdays & events
  16. Gifts List (layout 1)
  17. Gifts List (layout 2)
  18. Password Keeper (layout 1)
  19. Password Keeper (layout 2)
  20. Christmas Cards List


ENTERTAINMENT – do what you love

  1. Movies to watch
  2. Movies I’ve watched
  3. TV series tracker
  4. Books to read
  5. Craft Project planner (layout 1)
  6. Craft Project planner (layout 2)
  7. Bucket List (layout 1)
  8. Bucket List (layout 2)
  9. Wishlist
  10. Social Media Planner (weekly)


MIND & BODY – take care of yourself

  1. A year in pixels
  2. Yearly Mood Tracker (identical layout, different title)
  3. Monthly mood tracker
  4. Weight Tracker – 52 weeks
  5. Weight Tracker – 12 months recap (jan. to dec.)
  6. Progress Tracker – 12 months recap (jan. to dec.)
  7. Weight Tracker – 12 months recap (undated – start anytime of the year)
  8. Progress Tracker – 12 months recap (undated – start anytime of the year)
  9. Habit Tracker (layout 1 – landscape)
  10. Habit Tracker (layout 2 – 6 on one page)
  11. Sleep Tracker
  12. Period Tracker


BUDGET – get your financial life together

  1. Upcoming expenses
  2. Monthly Budget
  3. Expense summary
  4. Bills trackers
  5. Debt Payment tracker
  6. Balance Sheet
  7. Savings Tracker
  8. 30 day No Spend Challenge
  9. 52-week Savings Challenge (blank – choose your own amounts)
  10. 52-week Savings Challenge (classic – with amounts specified)


PLAN AHEAD – yearly & monthly calendars

  1. Today’s Plan (daily planner)
  2. “Monthlist”- monthly list to track whatever you want (dinner, work hours, sales, etc)
  3. Weekly Schedule (Monday start)* insert also included in the pack 1 “Home Management”
  4. Weekly Schedule (Sunday start)* insert also included in the pack 1 “Home Management”
  5. Calendex – quarterly calendar (January to March)
  6. Calendex – quarterly calendar (April to June)
  7. Calendex – quarterly calendar (July to September)
  8. Calendex – quarterly calendar (October to December)
  9. Yearly Planner
  10. Yearly calendar (layout 1 – year on 1 page) – Sunday Start
  11. Yearly calendar (layout 1 – year on 1 page) – Monday Start
  12. Yearly calendar (layout 2 – January to june) – Sunday Start
  13. Yearly calendar (layout 2 -july to September) – Sunday Start
  14. Yearly calendar (layout 2 – January to june) – Monday Start
  15. Yearly calendar (layout 2 -july to September) – Monday Start
  16. Monthly Calendar (layout 1) – Monday Start
  17. Monthly Calendar (layout 1) – Sunday Start
  18. Monthly Calendar (layout 2) – Monday Start
  19. Monthly Calendar (layout 2) – Sunday Start


WEEKLY PLANNER LAYOUTS – plan a life you love

VERTICAL WEEKLY – 3 boxes with header ribbon

  1. Vertical Weekly on 2 pages – page 1
  2. Vertical Weekly on 2 pages – page 2


VERTICAL WEEKLY – 3 boxes without box header ribbon

  1. Vertical Weekly on 2 pages – page 1 (no box headers)
  2. Vertical Weekly on 2 pages – page 2 (no box headers)



  1. Student / Color Block Layout – page 1
  2. Student / Color Block Layout – page 2



  1. Creative Girl Layout – page 1
  2. Creative Girl Layout – page 2


Dashboard Layout

  1. Dashboard Layout – page 1
  2. Dashboard Layout – page 2


Lined Vertical Layout

  1. Lined Vertical – page 1
  2. Lined Vertical – page 2


Diet & Fitness Layout

  1. Diet & Fitness Layout – page 1
  2. Diet & Fitness Layout – page 2


Horizontal Lined Layout

  1. Horizontal Lined Layout – page 1
  2. Horizontal Lined Layout – page 2


Monthly Calendar Layout

  1. Monthly Calendar Layout – page 1
  2. Monthly Calendar Layout – page 2

Also included :

2 bonus PDF files with two different types of divider covers (13 pages in total)

If you want to be able to flip through the pages of this bundle, click here.

6 packs with 85+ planner inserts in total are included:

Printable Budget Planner Inserts
Undated Calendars Planner Inserts

What will I receive?

The Ultimate Planner Bundle is a digital item that you will be able to download instantly after your purchase. This bundle contains 78 planner inserts​ divided in 6 packs.


Ready to get a bunch of inserts for your planner?

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