Sloth lazy day – Free printable planner stickers

I don’t know about you but with Autumn being here, I find myself having more and more lazy days and wanting cocooning times. If you’re human, you should probably experience the same lazy feeling at times. If so, you’ll be happy to download these free printable “Sloth Lazy day” stickers.

Hopefully, they’ll cover 2 functions: their cute little faces should make you feel better about your day and fill up your planner if your day has been pretty empty. I love looking at them and I think I’m going to put them to good use!

Their width is 1,5″ (except for the smaller ones on the right) so they can perfectly fit in your planner boxes if you use a Happy Planner or Erin Condren Life Planner.

Even though the typical sloth is brown, I added a bit of color to multiply the possibilities and keep it all fun and cutesy. I’m pretty sure you won’t mind 😉

As always, you can download this freebie in PDF and Silhouette Studio format at the end of this article.


Want more sloth stickers?

This free sloth stickers set is a sample of a more complete set I’ve created for my Etsy Shop, so if you like them, head over here to see the printable set I’ve created with 6 more phrases: “chill day, let’s chill, just relax, nap time, slow down and take it easy” (the price is 2€).


This Sloth lazy day printable stickers set includes:

  • 32 sloth stickers in 1,5″ width (perfect to fit EC life planner and Happy Planner boxes)
  • 11 smaller sloth stickers
  • More than half of the sloth have the text “Lazy day” on their back, while the rest of stickers portray a blank sloth
  • Slothes are designed in 3 different colors and faces.

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bitsly planner long

Download these “Sloth Lazy Day” printable stickers:

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