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8 Free Printable Christmas Cash Envelope Templates Buffalo Plaid

8 Free Printable Buffalo Plaid Cash Envelope Templates

Here’s a set of 8 Buffalo Plaid Cash envelope templates that you can use to help you track all your Christmas expenses or any other time of the year too. I designed it with a cute black and red Buffalo plaid pattern that makes me think of Christmas but you can also use this template for any other time of the year.

I included 8 different cash envelope templates: a blank one that you can use for anything you’d like (simply write down the expense category on it) and 7 other ones that are a little more Christmas related.

Cash envelopes included: Blank, Groceries, Christmas, Decor, Entertainment, Gifts, Holiday fun, and Miscellaneous.

8 Free Printable Christmas Cash Envelope Templates Buffalo Plaid

To use these cash envelopes simply print the pages you need, cut the template and glue the 2 tabs to form an envelope. You can then add money to each envelope (depending on the budget you’d like to dedicate to each category) and write down expenses whenever you take money from that envelope. This can help you keep better track of your budget and see where your money goes for each category.

Let me know if you’d be interested in me creating other cash envelopes with different patterns (a little more neutral, all year round maybe?).

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Here’s a preview of one of the templates included in this freebie:

8 Free Printable Christmas Cash Envelope Templates Buffalo Plaid

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