About Me

Bonjour Bonjour, I’m Maddie!

If you’re curious, here’s a few random facts about me that should help you get to know me a little more.

I’m french, I was born and raised in France and lived there until recently.

– As you understand, english is only my second language, so in advance, I apologize if you see some english mistakes in my articles!

– My full first name is Madeline, but the prononciation is different in USA and in France, so I’d just rather be called Maddie.

– I have a “Licence” (same as Bachelor degree here I think) in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Communication. I obtained both in Strasbourg, France.

– I met my husband while volunteering in Iceland for 4 months for an environmental organization. I went there after finishing university, before “looking for a real job and starting real life”, or so I thought…

My husband, Jacob, is American, which makes for a very interesting binational relationship.

– After dating long distance for a year, we lived in France together for 2 years.

– I’ve always been super interested in everything crafty, I would try lots of different hobbies since I as a kid: beads jewelry, polymer clay, metal stamping and lately my biggest crafting interests are more centered around papercrafting (planners, project life, scrapbooking, happy mails…), hand lettering and graphic design (I consider it a creative outlet).

– I have 2 older sisters, 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My husband is an only child and I realise how lucky I am to have siblings and a big family.

– My Mum is a passionate scrapbooker, she’s a big crafting inspiration and she has a blast going to american craft stores every time she visits me.

– I, too, love US craft stores and websites! So much choice here! And so many coupons haha

– I’m the proud and happy fur mama of Scully, an english cream mini dachshund! We named her “Scully” because my husband and I are pretty big X-Files fans. We’re thinking of maybe getting her a “Mulder” buddy one day!

– We’re also big Harry Potter fans and got pretty nerdy with our wedding rings engravings: mine says “After all this time?” and his says “Always.” True Potterheads will know why this line is so romantic.

Living in USA isn’t my first time living abroad: I lived in London for 6 months when I was 18 (right after highschool), and in Iceland for 4 months when I was 24 (right after University).

– I like reading or listening podcasts about self development and I’m more specifically attracted to everything revolving around positive thinking and Law of Attraction.

– Since we moved to California, I now have a craftroom/office/guest bedroom, which is great considering I work from home, hoard too many craft supplies and often have french family visiting us. I’m super grateful for that.

– My dream would be to live in Bali half of the year – we spent our honeymoon there and both fell in love with this place, its peacefulness and its people.

Thank you for being here and taking the time to explore the things I love to create and share!