Tips and tools to easily turn PDF printables into planner stickers (with or without a cutting machine)

If you’re a planner addict, then you probably already know how great Pinterest is: you can very easily find a lot of awesome printable planner stickers. If you’re new to the planner world, then don’t lose a minute and go discover all the cool stuff that Pinterest has in store for you. I like to save the best ones I find on this Pinterest board, feel free to follow it and PIN ON!

To find printables on Pinterest simply type keywords like planner stickers, free planner printable, free planner stickers, free planner inserts… To narrow it down, you may also add the name of your planner or the type of stickers you’re looking for.

Ok, well, pretty obvious stuff so far.
You found great PDF printable planner stickers, now what? How do you turn this digital beauty into actual cute stickers?

In this article I’ll recap the various solutions to help you do that with my files or with any other PDF you’d find online.

What are the different ways to turn a printable into planner stickers?

Once printed, creating stickers requires two main steps: cutting and sticking. Solutions will vary depending on what type of materials you own and decide to use to cut and to stick. You only need at least one tool to cut and one tool to stick. I like that there can be a different solution for everyone.

To cut, you have to choose between one of these 3 tools:

  • a good old pair of scissors / X-acto knife
  • a Gyrocutter (aka GYRO-CUT®)
  • a cutting machine (I’ll only talk about the Silhouette machine as this is the one I own)

The “sticking” part will depend on the type of paper you decided to use to print your planner stickers:

  • If you printed on Sticker paper or mailing labels: once the cutting is done, you’re good to go. YAY stickers.
  • If you printed on classic paper (=non sticky) you have one more step to turn your “cuts” into actual “stickers”.
    To add stick to them you can either use:

Like it? Pin it for later!

So, again, if you have at least one of these items in the cutting category and the sticking category then you’ll be able to create planner stickers. The cheapest and most basic solution would be to print on classic paper, cut with scissors/X-acto knife and stick them in your planner with glue. This solution is therefore the cheapest but it’s also the most time consuming one.

So if you’re a little tired of this solution or if you’d like to find out what the other materials I mentioned above are all about, keep reading, I’ll try to explain for each one how they can help you make stickers, advantages and prices so that you can decide which one would be best for you.

To cover this topic thoroughly this article is fairly long, so in order to make it more manageable, I’ve decided to divide it into sections. Use the arrows to navigate between each sections, or click on the subjects that interest you the most:

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