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Easy DIY No Carve Kawaii Pumpkin with Free SVG

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Carved pumpkins don’t even last a week here in California, so I decided to switch to a longer lasting, easier and cuter pumpkin this year! I created a cute Kawaii pumpkin to decorate my home for Halloween.

I’m super excited to share this tutorial (+ free SVG file) with you to help you create it too! What’s awesome about this DIY is that it’s one of the easiest way to decorate your pumpkin for Halloween: it’s a great no carve pumpkin, no paint pumpkin, and overall no mess pumpkin option! And I mean, look at these faces!

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

No Carve Kawaii Pumpkin

The magic ingredient of this DIY is vinyl adhesive paper. I used this same method in my tutorial DIY vinyl eye decals to make everything adorable and it never disappoints!

Even though this vinyl pumpkin takes no time to make, your pumpkin will keep looking nice for a long time: all along october or even year after year if you decide to use craft pumpkins for this DIY instead of real ones. I got my big and medium craft pumpkins from Michaels.

To make things fun, I decided to decorate my pumpkins on both sides so that I can alternate between 2 different expressions, you can get my Free Svg Harry Potter Pumpkin here if you want to do the same!

I love my pumpkins very much, and I hope you will like yours too. They make my heart happy every time I look at them. Happy Halloween!


To make this adorable Kawaii pumpkin you will need:

  • Pumpkin: craft pumpkin (you can find them in different colors and sizes at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc) or real pumpkin
  • Black adhesive vinyl (or contact paper) – I used this vinyl
  • Cutting machine (Silhouette or Cricut) or Xacto knife


You can download the Kawaii Pumpkin further down this page, in 3 formats: Studio (if you’re using a Silhouette machine), SVG and JPEG.

The design is pretty simple so you could use an Xacto knife to cut this decal but if you own a cutting machine like Silhouette or Cricut then it will make it faster and easier!
Alternatively, if you want to make this DIY right here right now super fast, you could decide to use a black marker and draw this design down onto your pumpkins!

Once your design is cut you simply have to stick both eyes and mouth to your pumpkin. You can space them which ever way you’d like, that will give your pumpkin different expressions depending on how far apart you place the eyes and mouth.

You can play with the elements to make it your own. The way I made mine isn’t the only way you can do yours! Have fun with it!

Easy Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

  • Make a two faced pumpkin: To keep your decor fun and fresh, add another face or cute design on the other side of the pumpkin to have two decor options! Sort of a Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde kind of pumpkin. That’s what I did with my pumpkins!
  • Create your own little family of pumpkins: I decided to get 3 pumpkins in 3 different sizes because we’re 3 at home (my husband, myself and Scully our mini dachshund puppy) and I like the idea that these pumpkins would look like our little family! Next year I might just get a different design for each of us: my husband would still mostly look like Harry Potter, I would use more feminine eyes and mouth for me, and probably try to get a dog face for the mini pumpkin.

Download your Kawaii Pumpkin SVG file

You can download this file in 3 different formats: SVG, Studio (for Silhouette users only) or JPEG. Pick whichever fileformat you’re most comfortable with!

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