30 day squat challenge free printable insert for personal planners {Advent Calendar – day 24}

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24 days of FREE printables – DAY 24

Merry Christmas guys!!! This is it! We did it! The Advent Calendar serie is coming to an end, but fear not I’ll keep on sharing free printables all year long, just like I did before. So stick around as 2017 will be filled with cool stuff as well!

I hope you’ve had fun following this freebies Advent Calendar! I hope you found cool printables that you now use in your planner! I’m happy to see that new planner addicts joined in the fun! It’s a big joy to see the Lovely Planner community grow a little bit every week that goes by! Thank you all for your sweet words, IG tags, comments and support!
fb-advent-calendarHere’s today free printable! Keep coming back to discover free printables!

December 24: 30 day squat challenge personal planner inserts

If like me you’ve been saying for a month I’ll exercice/diet in January as an excuse to fully indulge and enjoy all the super treats that Christmas season offers then you’ll be happy to get this free printable inserts to start 2017 with a little fitness challenge: 30 day squat challenge. This printable is usually for sale on my Etsy shop but hey, it’s Christmas, so enjoy!

This challenge consists in increasing the number of squats you go every day for 30 days. This printable will help you keep track of it! No more excuse to stop midway!

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This free printable is meant to be printed on personal sized paper, so trim your paper to personal size and print!

I share planner freebies all year around, not just for this Advent Calendar serie so don’t forget to check the other free planner printables I’ve shared on the blog so far!

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Download this 30 day squat challenge planner insert

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Download this lovely freebie – Print on personal paper- PDF file

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Important note: All the free printables I share on Lovely Planner are only meant for personal use only and can at no point be used for commercial purposes, modified or claimed as your own.

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Tanya December 26, 2016 - 3:45 am

I’m grateful for this one! It would be fun to have a new type of challenge each month. Really happy you started with squats! Thank you!!

Lisa March 29, 2017 - 9:48 pm

Hello Maddie I have a question about inserts do you think there is a possibility that you can create printables for A6 in a vertical undated an a calendar to write in the month an date as well it would appreciated and thank you in advance for taking time to read my concerns I really like how you come up will different planners goodies every month keep it up


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