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Easy DIY Dots Accent Wall for less than $10 (+ Free SVG)

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Today, I’m excited to share with you an easy Home Decor DIY tutorial that delivers a big impact at a very low cost! I created a full DIY Dots Accent wall for less than $10, and I’m going to show you how you can too.

This type of accent wall can look great in many different areas of your home: office, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, dressing room… I created mine in my office/craft room.

Due to their irregular shape, you could also describe this specific type of dots as “irregular dots” or “Dalmatian dots”.

Before diving into the tutorial I want to quickly sum up what makes this project so great.

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

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Free SVG cut file Dalmatian Dots Decals DIY accent wallThis DIY dots accent wall is renter-friendly: I used repositionable adhesive-backed vinyl, which means that I can easily remove my dots without ruining my wall. This also makes the process less stressful as you can easily reposition dots as you go if you’re unhappy with your initial placement. 

This DIY accent wall can easily be done by anyone: You don’t need to mess with paint or be artistic to complete this project. Using decals (especially if you use repositionable vinyl as I did) makes this whole DIY fail-proof! You can even ask your friend or kids to help you with this DIY.

You’ll save a lot of money by making this DIY dots accent wall from scratch yourself (compared to available options for sale). I’ve been admiring these types of wall for a while but when I researched available options for sale online I was surprised to see how expensive my full wall would cost. Also, as a crafter, I love coming up with cheaper alternatives to create something myself rather than pay for it. There’s something so satisfying about that!

The 2 main available solutions, for sale online, to create this type of wall are either wallpaper (removable or not, removable is even more expensive) and decals.
Decals seemed like a great option for me at first, until I tried to estimate how many sheets I’d need to cover my entire wall. I found a lot of decal sellers on Etsy and the price of 1 sheet is usually ok, but you’re going to need a lot of dots to cover your wall. If your dots are too spaced, you’re not gonna get the look you’re after, so don’t underestimate how many dots you’re going to need.

Free SVG cut file DIY dots accent wall

For reference, I used about 800 dots to cover my wall (my wall measures about 10×15 feet). I ended up paying less than $10 to create my DIY Dalmatian wall (I didn’t even use the whole roll of vinyl), which means I could cover another area of my home or create of have the dots even closer to each other if I wanted to. Going the DIY route also alleviated the stress of having to estimate how many dots I’d need beforehand. I had to freedom of keeping on cutting dots until I was completely satisfied with the final look.

For the record, my wall is a painted wall that isn’t completely smooth and it was fine, but you may want to try out in a small area of your wall before filling your entire wall. You can see the texture of my wall a little bit on this photo:

Free SVG cut file Dalmatian Dots Decals DIY accent wall

You don’t need much material to get this dalmatian dots project wall done. The main element you’ll need is adhesive-backed vinyl. As I said I recommend using a repositionable vinyl. I’m sharing more tips on how to pick your vinyl further down in the supplies section.

This DIY will be a total breeze to make if you have access to an electronic cutting machine (such as a Silhouette Cameo/Portrait or a Cricut). I’m sharing with you a free SVG file to help you cut all these irregular dot shapes in no time with your cutting machine. If you don’t own a cutting machine yourself, maybe you know someone who does, or maybe you can have access to one (library, crafting club…).

Now, I’ll be honest, If you don’t have access to a cutting machine, it’s not a total deal-breaker, you can still make it work (see my suggestions below) but the whole project will clearly require more time, effort and dedication.

I’ve now told you everything you need to know about this DIY, so let’s move on to the actual tutorial steps!

I hope you’ll love your fun dalmatian dots wall as much as I love mine!


The good news is that you really don’t need much material to get this DIY Irregular Dots Wall project done.

  • Repositionable adhesive-backed vinyl I used this specific roll of Oracal 631 (matte black) to complete my wall. I didn’t even need to use the whole roll! Oracal is a great brand of vinyl and their “631” vinyl type is repositionable. Be careful not to buy the 651 vinyl type because this type (651) is permanent.You can pick any color you like but to achieve the stylish Dalmatian dots look I was after I went with matte black. If you also pick black I recommend you get matte vinyl over glossy because glossy is more likely to show irregularities if your wall isn’t perfectly smooth. I also simply feel that matte looks better for that project.
  • A Cutting machine (Silhouette or Cricut): will save you a lot of time and make this DIY a breeze. 
  • If you don’t have a cutting machine, but you have a lot of determination and patience: you can cut your own irregular dots with a pair of scissors or Xacto knife

DIY irregular dots accent wall

Instructions – How to create a DIY dots accent wall for less than $10
Step 1: Download the free SVG file (for personal use only)

You can download my irregular dots cut file towards the bottom of this page, in 2 formats: SVG (compatible with all cutting machines) and Studio cut file (if you’re using a Silhouette machine).

Step 2: Prepare your cut file (size & placement)

I created my design to fit on a 12×12″ page. To fill the whole page, 97 dots are included on the page.

If you’d like to make any changes, you’re able to adjust the cut file to make the dots smaller or bigger if you’d like. You can also rearrange the dots if you decide to cut on a different page size.

DIY dots decals accent wall tutorialStep 3: Prepare your vinyl sheets

Simply cut your vinyl to the size of your design (in my case 12 x 12″). I bought a 12″ x 10 ft roll so it was very easy to cut to 12 x 12″.

Step 4: Cut your vinyl with your cutting machine

Adjust your cutting machine settings to make sure the dots kiss-cut nicely so that you’ll be able to peel them off the vinyl sheet easily. On my Silhouette Cameo, the recommended settings for matte vinyl usually give me nice results but this can vary depending on your blade’s condition so I recommend you make a test cut before and adjust as needed depending on your own machine.

Cut as many vinyl sheets as you think you’ll need. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be able to cut more if needed.

DIY dots decals accent wall tutorial

Step 5: Apply your dots decals to your wall

Turn on good music or your favorite podcast and get ready to place your dots on your wall, spacing them as you’d like. The beauty of DIY is that you can always cut more dots to get the exact result you want. You won’t have to reorder and wait for days to receive extra dots.

Placing my 800 dots on my wall required about 2 hours. I needed a step ladder to reach the top of my wall.

Step 6: Give yourself a pat on the back, admire your work, take a selfie in front of your super cool new backdrop, and get ready to brag about your fun accent wall!

Show me your DIY: If you use my cut file to create your own Dalmatian wall, I’d love to see your wall! If you post it on Instagram, please tag me @lovelyplannerblog or use the #lovelyplannerblog 🙂

Download your Irregular Dots Decals SVG file

You can download this file in 2 different formats: SVG or Studio cut file (for Silhouette users only).

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Free SVG cut file Dalmatian Dots Decals DIY accent wall


DIY Dalmatian Dots Accent wall decals + Free SVG cut file

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Hi! I’m trying to download your svg file for irregular dots to make dots on my Cricut. I can’t get it to download to a useable file, however. It only opens as a website. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? Thank you!


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