Free Printable Mustache Party Hershey Kisses

Here’s a set of Mustache Party Hershey Kisses Stickers that you can use to decorate these delicious sweets  for your little man baby shower, baby’s first birthday or any other event for which you’d like to have a Mustache Party theme!

You can then spread your Hershey Kisses on your sweet table or include them in your party favor bags for example.

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Tips for easy DIY Hershey Kisses stickers

As you can see from the file preview, you’ll get 88 Hershey Kisses stickers per sheet. To fit the size of the Kisses chocolates, each sticker is 0.75″. Cutting and sticking that many tiny pieces of paper can seems like a daunting task, right? Fear not.

To save you a ton of time and headache, I strongly recommend you make it easier on you by following these tips:

  • Use a 0.75″ circle punch to cut your stickers – rather than cutting 88 tiny stickers by hand, you’ll be able to easily punch perfect circles with this little paper punch. Plus, you see where you’re cutting on the bottom, so that’s a pretty precise little tool.

  • I really recommend your print these labels on sticker paper (even shipping labels can do). That will make your life a lot easier and your project faster and cleaner because you won’t have to add glue to each circle individually.

If you own a cutting machine like Silhouette or Cricut, now is a good time to use it to cut these stickers, instead of using a paper punch or scissors. I wrote an article that explains how to turn printable PDF into stickers – check it out.

As always, make sure to print this file with a 100% scale.

Download – Free Printable Mustache Party Hershey Kisses Stickers

Free Printable Mustache Party Hershey Kisses stickers + many matching printables to decorate your baby shower, little man birthday... #freeprintable #partyprintable #mustacheparty #babyshower #hersheykisses #lovelyplanner
Free Printable Mustache Party Hershey Kisses stickers + many matching printables to decorate your baby shower, little man birthday... #freeprintable #partyprintable #mustacheparty #babyshower #hersheykisses #lovelyplanner

Download this Lovely Freebie

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Mustache Party Decoration Ideas

Here’s a few elements I found that you could add to complete your Mustache Party Decoration:

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