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New Year often rhymes with new healthy habits! Or at least it’s me and my husband’s case this year. After getting married this last April and taking it easy for a few months, we’ve decided to get back into more positive habits (paleo+a bit of exercise)! So, there might be a few more “healthy” related freebies to be published on this blog!haha

And here’s the first one: this planner insert can be used either as a food log or as a meal planner! In order to keep it suitable for both types of use, I just added the title “meals”. For each day of the week you get a little tab with 4 spaces: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack.

My husband is the cook at home, so I personnaly use this insert more as a food log and leave all the meal planning to him. I hope you’ll find this insert functional! Of course, cute veggies (and the donut sprinkles) are there to brighten up the path to better eating habits!

Please, keep on reading until the end to see how to print and use this printable to master the borderless look!

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How to print borderless A5 planner inserts?

While I’m sharing this free printable with you, I’d like to “warn” you first that depending on your printer it’s possible that you may struggle a little bit to get the same end result as I did. Or it’s possible you find the process too complicated for your taste. I’m sorry if it’s the case and I hope you’ll find a lot of other cool printables on this blog to compensate your disappointment.

For those who’d still like to try, here’s my personal experience and tips on printing borderless inserts for A5 planner inserts. I really like to have a cute little border (where the holes get punched) on my inserts and so I came up with this solution. My  printer is able to print borderless on A4 sheets, so I’m able to create A5 borderless inserts by including 2 inserts on one A4 sheet.

I know that A4 isn’t a typical paper size in US (you can find some here though) so I created an additional file that fits on US letter size paper. So, if your printer can print “US letter borderless” then you should be able to follow these same steps and end up with half US-letter inserts with a nice border. Just replace “A4” by “US letter” in your head for these following explanations:

This printable is made to fit inside A5 planners. Unfortunately my printer doesn’t allow me to print borderless (edge-tp-edge) on A5 paper. My printer (Canon MG 5500) does allow me to print borderless on A4 paper though! Yay! If your printer allows you to print A4 borderless then good news: you too, can get cute A5 inserts with a nice border.

As you may know, one A4 sheet is composed of two A5. And I really like to have a cute border on my inserts, so in order to do that I created my file in an A4 format (featuring both sides of my A5 inserts). Once you’ll open the PDF you’ll see what I mean, but basically, the PDF has to be printed on A4 paper, both sides.

If your printer allows you to print borderless, you should see something like this (pardon my french, i’m french and so is my computer but this should help you get it):


In “paper size” select “A4 paper” or “US letter” depending on the paper you use, then if there’s an arrow next to it that means you get to select the borderless option (here called “sans bordure”). Select that, you’ll see in the preview that your cute border is all good.

Print once. Then you’re going to want to print on the other side of it, so follow this same steps (borderless) and print on the other side. You’ll end up with that, a double sided A4 sheet (or US letter sheet):

Cut it in the middle.

Punch holes, add in your planner and enjoy!!

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Download your food log/meal planner inserts:

All the free printables I share on Lovely Planner are meant for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

This means:

  •  you can’t use my free printables for commercial purposes,
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I spend a lot of time creating these files that I share for free with you all, so thank you for understanding and respecting these few simples rules 🙂


Download this lovely freebie – PDF file for A4 paper

Download this lovely freebie – PDF file for US letter


If you use them, I’d be happy to see what you do with it! Feel free to tag me/follow me on instagram (@lovelyplannerblog)  🙂

Don’t forget to have a look at other planner freebies i shared on the blog!


Important note: This freebie is for personal use and can at no point be used for commercial purposes.
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