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Bienvenue ! Thanks for taking the time to visit Lovely Planner!

I discovered the happy world of planners a year ago and the more I got into it, the more I wanted to learn and find everything about ways to improve my planner and make it even better.

The planner community is really amazing and rich with ideas, but the internet is so big that it sometimes get difficult to find the best of it. Looking for inspiration and freebies can sometimes be discouraging when you’d rather spend this time setting up your planner and make it super cute.

Find free planner inserts, free planner stickers and tutorials

This is why I created this blog: to gather ideas, freebies and tutorials all in one place. This will help my planner addiction and hopefully yours too!

Here’s what you’ll be able to find on Lovely Planner:

Planner freebies:

You’ll be able to find 2 types of freebies, either made by me or found on the internet (with credits). I’ll try to include freebies that can work with different types of organizers: Filofax, Erin Condren Life Planner, Happy Planner, Kikki K…

  • I’ll share my own freebies on a regular basis: inserts, stickers, silhouette SVG files… you name it. I started creating them for myself and now I’d be happy to share it with other planner lovers and help my creations find forever loving pages.  Sharing them online will be an additional motivation for me to keep on creating more. Feel free to give me recommandations in comments if there’s any freebies I haven’t covered yet and that you simply must have!
  • I will also do roundups of the best freebies available on the internet depending on different themes, seasons, occasions, colors, etc. Of course, credits and original links will always be given and you’ll just have to go to the host website to be able to download it. You’ll probably be able to discover brilliant new blogs and planners along the way.

Planner inspiration and setups:

Looking at beautiful page setups or finding new original ways to make the best of your planner supplies is always fun. Everybody loves peeping on their neighbor’s planner to see what they could apply to their own.
This category will try to display diverse innovative and creative ways to make your planner even cuter, whether it is through focusing on specific techniques (calligraphy, doodling…), specific supplies (example: “the many ways you can use washi tape”) or specific occasions (ex: roundups of best christmas setup, etc). Photo credits will always be given.

Tips and tutorials:

Planner goodies are mainly made using either digital tools (computer, software, Silhouette machines…) or paper supplies. Whatever the type, this category will give tips and resources to make your next planner projects more manageable.

Planner supplies:

No need to kid ourselves, most planner people are big hoarders collectors who can always find a good excuse to get another planner (just because you know “this new setup could really work for me, i gotta give it a try”), buy their 100th roll of cute washi tape, add more pens to their collections, and can never have enough stickers or paperclips. And there’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, it’s a big part of the fun, so we might as well embrace this reality and dive into an ocean of planner supplies roundups, reviews, comparisons and demonstration illustrations.


There’s a person behind the planner (you can find more about me ici) so on occasions I’ll probably share some thoughts about some of my other interests or more personal articles. If so, you’ll find them here.

I hope you’ll find resources and articles to feed your creativity and embellish your planner!

A bientôt!
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One thought on “What you can expect to find on Lovely Planner

  • July 26, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Thank you! I found your blog from a Pin on Pinterest about Tsum Tsums! My oldest daughter, (7th grade) is getting started with a planner and LOVES Tsum Tsums! I think this might help her stay focused and USE the planner on a daily basis! You’ve got a new subscriber here! 🙂


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