Free Printable Tropical Starbucks Coffee Cups Planner Stickers

Free Printable (+ Digital) Tropical Coffee Cups Planner Stickers

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Here’s a set of free tropical coffee cups’ stickers for your planner, bullet journal, or digital planner.

Use these Tropical Coffee Cups Stickers with your planner or digital planner

If you’d like to use these cute stickers with your digital planner, I got you: you can also download these coffee cups digital stickers as individual png files (transparent background) or you can get all 15 coffee cups digital stickers pre-cropped in a Goodnotes file.

If you’re using these stickers with your paper planner, then download and print the PDF file.

You can download this freebie further down this page.

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)Free Printable & Digital Cute Coffee Cups Stickers

You guys seemed to like my previous Starbucks coffee cups sticker sets a lot so I decided to create a new set with fun tropical patterns. This printable includes cute toucans, watermelons, hibiscus, and Monstera leaves. It’s perfect to decorate your planner this summer! 

I’ve created 5 different cups, designed with adorable tropical patterns, and turned them into Tropical Coffee Cups printable stickers for your planner.

This set includes each of the 5 different cups in 3 different versions: simple pattern, with a heart, and with COFFEE written on it.

Free Printable Tropical Starbucks Coffee Cups Planner Stickers

I’ve mixed different sizes for these 50 stickers so you can use them in different ways.

You can also get my previous coffee cups stickers sets:

This free printable includes:

  • 21 small stickers (0,85″ high)
  • 15 medium stickers (about 1″ high)
  • 5 big stickers (about 1,8″ x 1,4″)
  • 9 cups with space for notes – to write how much you spent on beverages or keep a note of a Starbucks date for example. Or just to write down an event or appointment.

The digital stickers folder includes:

  • 15 pre-cropped PNG files – 15 individual cups stickers
  • 1 Goodnotes File containing these 15 pre-cropped stickers

Free Coffee Cups Digital Stickers

Here’s a preview of what’s included. Pin this image if you’d like to save it for later! You can download the files (printable & digital stickers) further down this page.

Free Printable Tropical Coffee Cups Planner Stickers
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Do you like this set? Get the Floral Coffee Cups Planner Stickers:

Free Printable Floral Starbucks Coffee Cups Planner Stickers



Download these Tropical Coffee Cups Stickers – Printable & Digital Stickers



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Supplies I recommend to make your own stickers

A printer: I really recommend investing in a HP Instant Ink compatible printer if you’re into printables. Here’s how I can print for free or super cheap with it.

Choose one type of sticker paper:

Choose one type of tool to cut your stickers:

If you want more info about these different supplies, make sure to read the detailed comparative article I wrote about tips and tools you can use to easily turn PDF printables into planner stickers.

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