Changes ahead for Lovely Planner (Details + Giveaway Survey)

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Hi guys!

As some of you may have already noticed, I’ve made a few changes on the website these last few days! Yay for that. It feels good to look things over, reorganize, freshen up, and… evolve!

While some of these changes are already visible and pretty obvious (new blog design), the main change that I planned hasn’t really come into effect yet so I’ll explain to you in this article how the blog is going to evolve a little bit.

This time of change is also the perfect opportunity to ask for your input and suggestions in this survey to know what you guys would like to see more in the future and your general preferences until now!

That’s why I created a survey that I would really love for you to fill! Plus, one of the participants that fill it completely will be randomly picked and offered to pick the digital item of her/his choice from my Etsy store. More info on this survey at the end of the article.

Fresh Change on Lovely Planner

It seems easier to talk about the different changes through bullet points, so here we go.

What stays the same?

  • I’ll keep on sharing free printables with you guys, including (but no longer limited to) planner printables.
  • The address and the blog name will stay the same.
  • The blog content remains 100% free.
  • Some of my freebies will still be exclusively shared with my newsletter subscribers.

What changes?

♥ The home page got a bit of a face lift. My content being mainly visual, my previous blog design didn’t really make sense anymore (list of articles with small image and useless excerpt).
The new design offers more of a gallery view (with only image + title): you can see more articles at once and this way it should be easier for you to find the article or printable that you’re looking for.

♥ I’ll start sharing a broader range of free printables: That means I’ll keep on sharing free printables and other articles, but they will no longer be limited to the planner theme only. I’d like to create and share more printable party decor, printable wall art, printable cards and such.

♥ I would also like to share some articles regarding crafts and DIY ideas.

♥ The “FB/twitter” barrier (where you had to like the FB page or share on twitter to unlock the freebies) to access free printables directly in the article will no longer be used. Which means it will now be easier to download each freebie (past and future) directly from each article.Which led me to the next point:

♥ The Freebies Library has been removed: You’ll now be able to easily download the files from each article directly.
Note: I might create a different type of freebies library for subscribers only in the future, containing only the freebies exclusively reserved to the newsletter subscribers.

♥ You can now share articles more easily (Pinterest, FB, Twitter), using the buttons provided at the end of each article.

I think that sums it up pretty well.

Let me know what you think about these different changes in comments, or even better, by filling out the Lovely Planner Content Survey to give your input and contribute to Lovely Planner future content!

Survey: Help me out understanding what you’d like most!

SURVEY: Let me know what you like most (+ Giveaway Reward)

By filling out this survey you’re helping me know what type of free printables and content you’d like to see the most on the blog! Filling out this survey completely also gives you the chance to maybe get a prize: one of you will be randomly picked (on June 1st) and will be offered to pick the item of his choice in my Etsy store (digital items).
This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to fill.

In advance, thank you so much to those of you who will take part in this survey!

Answer the Lovely Planner survey

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LeAnn May 13, 2018 - 10:58 pm

It would be nice to have something so that you can also print for Cricket instead of just the silhouette


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