FREE A6 Traveler’s Notebook Printable Inserts – Undated daily pages Hobonichi style

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Hi there!

Today I’m sharing with you a new type of printable and I can’t wait to get your feedbacks: A6 printable traveler’s notebook inserts!

This printable will help you create an A6 notebook with a month worth of undated daily pages. I voluntarily created it with a basic design so that it can fit most decoration styles and you can really make it your own.

Each daily page contains space for you to add the date (add the number in the grey square and circle or color the week day and month). You can also use the weather icons to keep track of the weather. The rest of the page is a 0.5mm grid. Perfect for doodling, lettering and writing of course!

I’ve started to prepare other pages design, but I think that this one is generic enough to fit most needs so I’m thinking it’s a good first choice to share with you!

Below in this article I’m detailing printing & assembling instructions. I would really love to hear your feedbacks and advices to help me improve these files and make them even easier for you to use. Please let me know how your printing, assembling goes and if there’s anything I could change to make it easier for you or if there’s anything in my instructions that seems unclear.

I’ve included 2 types of files: one with crop marks only on the cover (1st page) and one with crop marks on every page.
Which of the 2 assembling/cutting methods do you like best? Which file do you prefer to use to create your notebook?

I feel like sometimes, crop marks end up being visible on some pages and so I wanted to offer an option with crop marks only on the first page. Plus, I usually assemble my notebook and then only cut all my pages at once with a big cutter so I only really need crop marks on the cover.

Like it? pin it for later!

The file contains 17 pages. I recommend you print page 1 first on its own (the notebook cover) and that you print pages 2 to 17 with duplex printing (or print on both sides manually: by printing even pages first, then flip your stack of paper, then print odd pages). You’ll need 9 sheets of paper to create this monthly notebook.

This file includes:

  • 1 cover “Happy days” with flower wreath doodle
  • 1 page “This month”, with space to keep important informations, goals and to dos
  • 31 undated daily pages

Printing & Assembling instructions for TN inserts

First, make sure to download the files on your actual computer (do not print off of a webpage).



  • Select your paper size (the size of the paper you’re going to print on)
  • Make sure “actual size” or “100%” scale is selected (DO NOT select “fit to page”) – the image will automatically be centered in the center of your page.

First, print page 1 on its own(notebook cover). Then print page 2 to the end:

  • If your printer allows duplex printing, you can select duplex printing but make sure to select “flip on SHORT edge
  • If your printer doesn’t allow duplex printing, or if you don’t like using duplex printing: print odd pages first, then flip your stack of paper and print all your even pages. Get familiar with your printer and try a few pages first to make sure you understand how your printer feeds and print paper.


I include two types of PDF files in my downloads – Cutting and Assembling depends on which file you choose to print:

Recommended method for best results:
PDF file with crop marks on the 1st page only (file called “NO CROP MARKS”)

–> recommended if you fold and assemble your notebook before cutting to notebook size with a metal ruler and cutter/ X-acto knife.

Print all your pages as indicated in step 1, then:

  • fold all your sheets individually in the middle
  • stack them and insert into cover to form your notebook
  • bind your notebook with your preferred method (i personnaly use a long reach stapler)

Note: you now have what looks like a half US letter or A5 notebook, you now want to trim it to your desired notebook insert size (regular, pocket, A6, passport, etc). I’ve included crop marks on the 1st page only to help you cut your notebook to size.

  • Cut your notebook to size with a metal ruler and an X-acto knife, cutter or rotary cutter. This way, the notebook edge will be neat and pages well aligned.

Alternative method:
PDF file with crop marks on every page

 –> recommended if you prefer to cut each paper sheet to your notebook size before assembling your notebook

Print all your pages as indicated in step 1, then:

  • Cut all your sheets following the crop marks
  • stack them and insert into cover to form your notebook
  • bind your notebook with your preferred method (i personnaly use a long reach stapler)

Note: the downside with this method is that since all the pages are the same size, the edge of your notebook is not going to be as neat as if you used the previous method (assembling then cutting > cutting then assembling).

Download your A6 traveler’s notebook printable inserts – Hobonichi style:


Important, please read: TERMS OF USE

All the free printables I share on Lovely Planner are meant for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

This means:

  • you can’t use my free printables for commercial purposes,
  • you can’t modify or claim them as your own,
  • nor can you share my files directly. If you want to share a file, please send a link to the related article on my website but don’t share or send the file on its own.

I spend a lot of time creating these files that I share for free with you all, so thank you for understanding and respecting these few simples rules 🙂

Download this lovely freebie – PDF file WITHOUT crop marks

Download this lovely freebie – PDF file WITH crop marks


If you use them, I’d be happy to see what you do with it! Feel free to tag me/follow me on instagram (@lovelyplannerblog)  🙂

Don’t forget to have a look at other planner freebies i shared on the blog!


Important note: This freebie is for personal use and can at no point be used for commercial purposes.
Disclosure: In order to support this website’s costs, this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase using one of those links, I’ll receive a small commission.

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Debi April 20, 2017 - 11:39 pm

Thank you very much as a TN planner user this is very much appreciated. Keep them coming.

Lucie Hale April 22, 2017 - 2:26 am

Thank you so much for this printable!! It is so perfect!!!
Even though I mostly use the B6 Slim size, I intend to print this a6 and just cut it to fit the the B6 Slim.

Keep up the great work you do!

Tasha May 9, 2017 - 7:09 pm

Hey Maddie! I just found your blog. This is so cute! Do you have any plans to make more printables for the Traveler’s Notebook crowd? Thanks for sharing

Phala Richardson September 18, 2017 - 8:44 pm

Thank you so much
I’m new and don’t have much ❣️This is great

Elisabeth Johansson September 21, 2018 - 5:23 pm

Thank you so very much!!! This will be part of my sister inlaws christmas- gift (a homemade TN) this year. And of course I will point out to her that if she wants to refill her TN or fill it with other goodies, or just find inspiration, she can take a look at your homeside.
Thanks again!

/Thankful maker of a Swedish homemade christmasgift.

Maddie | This post may contain affiliate links September 26, 2018 - 1:36 am

That’s an awesome idea! DIY gifts are the best, your sister-in-law is a lucky one! And thanks a lot for your sweet words 🙂

Tiffany Lozier December 28, 2018 - 12:42 am

Thank you for this!!! Easy to understand the print and assemble!! You are a life saver!!!

Claudia September 23, 2020 - 1:35 pm

Acabo de encontrar tu blog y es hermoso todo lo que tienes! y esta libreta es perfecta por el tamaño y su simpleza. ¡Gracias! (:


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