Free Printable Graduation Cards – inspired by The Office

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I’ve decided to create a few funny graduation cards inspired by popular TV shows (such as The Office, Game of Thrones), books (Harry Potter) or games (Pokemon)!

Today’s cards are inspired by one of my very favorite TV show: The Office. I created 3 different cards (+colors variation). Which card is your favorite?

Make sure to check out the other graduation cards already shared on Lovely Planner:

Each design is 4×6″ but I’ve added cutting marks (in each corner and in the middle) in the PDF to make it easier for you to cut your card nicely.
Thanks to these cutting marks you can also choose between two cards format:

  • 4×6″ postcard if you cut following the middle cut mark – with space to write on the back of the design
  • 6×8″ folded card if you fold following the middle cut mark – with space to write inside your card

Maybe this preview will help you understand what I mean:

I hope these cards will come in handy if you need a last minute card or if you want to make sure your graduation card stands out from the other ones and puts a smile on the lucky graduate face!

Click on the arrows at the top or bottom of each page to see all the available designs and download the one(s) you want.

Funny Printable Graduation Card inspired by the TV show The Office: “May your hats fly as high as your dreams”, Michael Scott quote

I’ve included 3 versions of this card in the printable: 1 with white background and colorful Michael, 2 with turquoise background and B&W Michael (pick between white and black text).

Download this Lovely Free Printable

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