Free Printable Harry Potter Cupcake Wrappers : Gryffindor

Here’s a set of Free Printable Gryffindor Cupcake Wrappers for your next Harry Potter party!

I’ve also created matching cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers for each of the 4 Hogwart’s Houses, so make sure to look them up along with my other Harry Potter Free Printables to throw a Pinterest worthy HP Party in just a few clicks!

To use, simply print on thick paper like cardstock or photo paper (here’s my best tip to print for free or super cheap) and cut each wrapper. Then wrap around your cupcake and use tape, double sided tape or glue to secure in place. You can cut the ends a little bit if the wrapper happens to be longer than your cupcake circumference.

Make your cupcakes truly magical by adding the matching Harry Potter cupcake toppers:Free Printable Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers / 2" Party Circles to decorate your cupcakes for your Harry Potter Party + free matching cupcake wrappers also available. #harrypotter #potter #harrypotterparty #cupcaketoppers #cupcakes #lovelyplannerBesides my free printables, you can also find tons of awesome ideas for your party on my Harry Potter Party Ideas & Printables Pinterest Board.

Download -Free Printable Gryffindor Cupcake Wrappers

Free Printable Harry Potter Cupcake Wrappers for your Harry Potter Party. With matching cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers for the 4 Hogwarts Houses. #freeprintable #harrypotter #harrypotterparty #halloween #gryffindor #hufflepuff #slytherin #ravenclaw #cupcake #cupcakewrappers #lovelyplanner

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