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Calendar 2021 Printable One Page

24 Pretty (& Free) Printable One Page Calendars for 2021

Do you need a printable one page calendar for 2021? You’re in for a treat with these 24 different pretty and minimalist free printable 2021 calendar templates.

Today I’m excited to share with you, not one, not two, but twenty-four different 2021 printable one page calendar templates to help you stay organized during the year. I’ve made sure to include many different styles so that everyone can find one they’ll love. After all, you’re going to see this page all year long, so you might as well really like it! All the designs are printer-friendly (black & white ink only) and I think they’re all pretty stylish and cute too!

To make it convenient for you, I’ve included 3 sizes for each calendar template: US Letter, A4, and Classic Happy Planner.
You can also easily adjust your printer settings to print this 2021 year at a glance calendar on A5 paper and add it to your A5 planner.

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Calendar 2021 Printable One Page

To be more specific about these 24 printable calendars for 2021, I created 12 different designs and each of them is available in 2 versions: with “2021” title (numbers) or “Twenty Twenty-One” title (letters).

Calendar 2021 Printable One Page

This year-at-a-glance 2021 calendar will help you keep track of the different dates and events all along the year. You could add a color code and highlight every birthday or special dates for example. You can place this free printable calendar in your planner, on your fridge, or near your desk to help you stay organized.

TIP: You can also add this one page calendar to your 2021 planner pages. I like to place mine at the beginning of my planner for easy access.

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I intentionally made these 2021 calendars simple and minimalist so that they can work with many different decors and styles: script font, vintage/retro, feminine, graphic… Pick your favorite style!

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Preview of the 24 printable year at a glance calendars for 2021

To help you make your choice I’m going to include a low-resolution preview of each free printable 2021 calendar template below.
You can then download a high-resolution PDF containing all of them and print the one(s) you like best (the download button is located towards the end of this article so you have to scroll past the preview images).

You can also pin these calendar previews on Pinterest to remind yourself to print them later!

Preview of the designs with “Twenty Twenty-One” titles:

Free Printable Minimalist 2021 Calendar Templates
Free Printable 2021 Calendar Templates Free Printable 2021 Calendar
Free Printable 2021 Calendar Templates Free Printable 2021 Calendar Templates Free Printable 2021 Calendar Templates Calendar 2021 Free PrintableFree Printable Calendar 2021Printable 2021 Calendar Calendar 2021 Printable 2021 Free Printable Calendar Template Calendar 2021 Free Printable

Preview of the designs with “2021” titles:

Printable 2021 One Page CalendarPrintable 2021 One Page Calendar

Free Printable 2021 Calendar One Page

Printable 2021 One Page Calendar Printable 2021 One Page Calendar Printable 2021 One Page Calendar

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Download these Free Printable 2021 Calendar Templates

Note: All 24 calendar templates are included in one PDF file. Simply print the page(s) you like most. I created a different PDF for each of the 3 sizes (US letter, A5 and Classic Happy Planner): open the PDF file in the paper size you need. 

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY – Please Read Freebies Terms of Use.

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Free Printable 2021 Calendar

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Marie-Hélène July 14, 2020 - 4:06 am

Dear LovelyPlanner,
Here where I live, in France, every calendar begins on a Monday! Did you release any of these beautiful calendars with a Monday start ?

Maddie | This post may contain affiliate links July 15, 2020 - 9:36 pm

Hello Marie-Hélène,
I’m currently updating all my calendars for 2021. Since most of my readers are from USA I’ve only created calendars with a Sunday start for now, but I’ll try to add Monday start versions to some of my calendars once I’ll be done updating all the calendars 🙂

FR: Effectivement, je suis française aussi mais je vis désormais aux USA et c’est vrai qu’au final j’ai pros l’hbaitude des calendriers qui commencent le dimanche ! Mais je comprends complètement cette demanded et j’essayerai de créer quelques versions avec début au lundi une fois queue j’aurai fini de mettre tous mes calendriers à jour pour 2021 🙂

gudrin quae September 4, 2020 - 12:36 pm

en Europe on commence par le lundi; cela serait plus pratique pour nous mais en tous cas déjà un grand merci pour votre travail et le partage gratuit.

Katrina December 29, 2020 - 10:21 am

These are lovely! I’m setting up my planner for the new year and found your site. So excited to explore more!
Thank you!

Imtiaz January 27, 2021 - 4:31 am

Hi Maddie !! This is Imtiaz. I was just searching for a new year calender for planning my tasks and found your site and this is awesome. I liked your ideas and i found it creative, mostly the functional sticker planners and printable mucis players.
Thank you !


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