Free Printable Hogwart’s Houses DIY Award Ribbons – Harry Potter Party

DIY Paper Award Ribbons: Tutorial

This DIY paper Award ribbons is fairly simple. The main steps being cutting, folding in accordion and gluing but here’s a few instructions that might help.

    • Print my Printable Hogwarts Houses Paper Award Ribbons (download links are on next pages): I printed the page with the rosette on simple copy paper (you’ll have to fold the paper in accordion, so thicker paper can get tricky) and the page with the circles and ribbons on cardstock paper.
      Here’s my best tip to print for free or super cheap.
    • Cut all the pieces you’ll need: you’ll need 2 rectangles and 2 circles (1 with text and a blank one) to create a full rosette. You can use a 2″ circle punch if you have one.
    • Fold your rectangles in an accordion shape: you can either wing it by trying to keep the folds pretty regular, or if you want to be precise you can use a score board like I did (I used this Trim&Score Board from We R Memory Keepers)and mark a crease every 3/8″ (or whatever you decide). Again, you or your children can absolutely do it by hand! No need to overthink it. (Note: photos with the black and white rosette are from my previous award ribbons tutorial)
    • Now that you have 2 little accordion rectangles you’re going to want to connect them and glue them to form a circle. I decided to use thin double sided tape instead of glue to keep it clean.
    • Prepare an extra 2″ circle (same size as the rosette circles) and glue it to the back of your rosette to help it stay flat. You may have to hold it in place a few seconds to make sure it is securely glued.
    • Then glue the rosette center of your choice in the center of your rosette!
    • This is the result you should have by now:

  • You can stop there or you can add ribbons if you’d like. To make it easier for you I’ve included 2 matching ribbons for each house. You can use these by cutting them and gluing them to the back of the rosette or you can even add actual fabric ribbons instead! And voilร ….

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