Free New Year's Resolutions Printable

Free New Year’s Resolutions Printable (+ Monthly Resolutions)

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Free New Year’s Resolutions Printable (+ Monthly Resolutions)

Here is a set of 3 printable new resolutions worksheets to help you reflect on the changes you’d like to make for the new year (or the next month). I included 3 different worksheets with different titles: 2 for yearly resolutions (“next year” and “this year”) and one for monthly resolutions (“next month”).

Each template includes 2 columns: one says “more of this”, and the other says “less of this”. 

While I love the concept of New Year’s resolutions I feel like they’re not always the most realistic or efficient. A year is a long time and so we often tend to postpone or forget some of our resolutions. For this reason, I decided to also include a template for you to write down your resolutions each month.

This “next month’s resolutions” printable will help you keep your goals and desires changes in mind on a more frequent basis. You can also use the monthly template to divide your goals into smaller, more attainable, little changes. If you’re familiar with the “baby steps” approach,  you’ll know that every little step matters.

I’m sharing this printable New Year’s resolutions worksheet in US letter size but you can easily print it for other paper sizes by adjusting your printer settings. You can add this printable to your planner or simply use it on its own.

You can download this free New Year’s resolutions printable further down this page. 

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

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Free New Year's Resolutions Printable
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